(A-8014-BBUG) QC20-W ballbar upgrade kit


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Portable Laser Measurement and Calibration | QC20-W Wireless Ballbar| QC20-W ballbar upgrade kit

The lowest cost entry to QC20-W use is with the QC20-W upgrade kit. Trade in your existing QC10 transducer unit and get the new QC20-W basic upgrade kit for less than half the cost of a complete new kit. The basic upgrade kit gives you a QC20-W ballbar, battery and Ballbar 20 software (including manuals), setting ball, machine validation cards, calibration certificate, tools and new magnetic mounts. The packaging even fits directly into your QC10 case (post 2001 metal framed cases only). Users with earlier plastic or wooden cases should purchase a new QC20-W case separately.

The QC20-W wireless ballbar upgrade kit (A-8014-1530) includes:

• QC20-W wireless ballbar

• Tool cup

• System software (including manuals)

• Setting ball

• Machine validation cards

• Calibration certificate

• Foam tray (fits aluminium QC10 case only)

Partial arc test kit (A-8014-1575)

Bluetooth® adaptor (A-8014-BTA1)

2nd spare battery (A-8014-CR2)