(A-8014-1540) QC20-W Small circle accessory kit (SCAK)


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Portable Laser Measurement and Calibration | QC20-W Wireless Ballbar| QC20-WSmall Circle Accessory Kit (SCAK)

The QC20-W small circle accessory kit is used with the QC20-W ballbar to allow tests with a radius of 50 mm. The existing QC10 small circle accessory kit (SCAK) cannot be used with the QC20-W.
This accessory kit allows the QC20-W ballbar to perform 50 mm radius tests (standard minimum is 100 mm), helping to give an enhanced analysis of servo control systems on most types of machines.

This small circle accessory kit (SCAK) includes:

• 1 QC20-W small circle adaptor which is supplied with an additional center ball already fitted

• 1 50 mm ballbar calibrator (50 mm Zerodur® calibrator)

• 1 calibration certificate

If you already use the QC10 SCAK, just purchase the new adaptor, which is a simple screw mount to the QC20-W body. You can also retain your existing 50 mm Zerodur® calibrator.