(A-8014-0417) VTL Adaptor Kit


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Portable Laser Measurement and Calibration | QC20-W Wireless Ballbar| VTL Adaptor Kit

The VTL adaptor is available for 2-axis CNC applications. This replaces the “tool cup” in the standard set-up and gives restricted movement of the center cup in a single axis, enabling typical 2-axis machines such as vertical turning lathes and laser cutting machines etc to benefit from QC20-W ballbar diagnosis.

Check vertical turning lathes, laser cutting machines and pick and place machines. With tests performed in the XZ plane the VTL adaptor allows the magnetic center-cup to be retracted after centering, without losing centre location, so that the machine can be moved to the test start position.

VTL adaptor includes:

• 1 centre cup

• 1 VTL adaptor

• 1 instruction sheet