(A-5500-1600) MP250 Probe Kit


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A-5500-1600 | Machine Tool Probes| MP250| MP250 Probe Kit | Renishaw

The MP250 probe kit #A-5500-1600 includes:

  • MP250 probe
  • Tool kit

MP250 is the next generation compact probe. Measuring just 25 mm in diameter and 40 mm in length, MP250 is identical in size to the popular LP2. MP250 uses Rengage™ strain gage sensing technology and delivers superior metrology performance. MP250 is aimed at the tool cutter grinder and special CNC lathe markets. MP250 is supported via hard-wired only and must be used with the HSI interface and FS sockets designed specifically for the MP250. MP250 is not suitable for use with inductive, optical or radio transmission.