Renishaw A-5492-2000 OSI Interface


A-5492-2000 | Machine Tool Probes| OSI Interface| OSI | Renishaw

The new OSI interface #A-5492-2000, in conjunction with OMM-2, enables up to three touch probes or tool setters to be used in various combinations.

Following in the foot-steps of the highly successful OMI-2T, Renishaw has now developed a multiple probe system that allows up to three separate inspection probes and/or tool setting probes to be installed on a machine tool with a single optical interface system. Typical combinations can be:

  • 1 x OMP60 / OMP40-2 / OMP400 with 2 x OTS or
  • 2 x OMP60 / OMP40-2 / OMP400 with 1 x OTS or
  • 3 x OMP60 with different modular or styli configurations for difficult to probe situations or
  • 3 x OTS. Multiple OTS’s provide an ideal tool setting solution for pallet loaded machines.

The OSI with OMM-2 utilizes Renishaw’s modulated optical transmission, thereby offering the highest level of resistance to light interference. The system is user configurable for operation in either single probe mode or multiple probe mode. In multiple probe mode the system will sequentially activate the spindle probe or tool-setting probe.