(A-5734-0100) MCU5-2 Joystick Kit


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A-5734-0100 | MCU5-2 Joystick Kit | MCU5-2 | Renishaw

This is the MCU5-2 Joystick Kit #A-5734-0100.

The manual control unit is a comprehensive CMM joystick controller designed for use with Renishaw’s range of UCC controllers. It includes the functionality of both the Renishaw standard UCC joystick interface and Renishaw PHC10 hand control unit (HCU1). The MCU5-2 is a development of the MCU5 joystick, with new buttons and new functionality. The MCU5-2 has been developed for use with Renishaw’s REVO system and PH20, providing the ability to move the CMM in the axis of the probe and stylus.