(A-5121-0077) MCU-W Wireless Joystick Kit (no batteries)


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A-5121-0077 | MCU-W Joystick Kit (no batteries) | MCU-W | Renishaw

This is the MCU-W Wireless Joystick Kit (no batteries) #A-5121-0077.

The MCU W is functionally identical to the MCU5 except for the additional STOP button on the membrane keypad. When this button is pressed, the CMM and motorized head is brought rapidly to a halt but the servos are kept running. This button is only functional when the controller is in automatic mode, i.e. running a DCC program.

The yellow STOP button removes power from the CMM axes, stops motion of motorised heads and locks the heads in their current position.

The E-STOP switch is hardwired to the UCC controller. When this switch is operated, all power to both the CMM axes and motorised head is removed.