Renishaw A-2176-0883 HPRA 6 inch Chuck with RP3 Kit


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Machine Tool Probes| HPRA 6 inch chuck with RP3 Kit|HPRA Standard Kit

The HPRA 6 inch chuck with RP3 Kit is a standard kit. A stylus assembly and base (R/E or S/E) rear exit or side exit are not included with this kit and must be ordered separately

This kit includes:

A-dimension: 210mm and B-dimension: 211mm

Each HPRA standard kit is supplied complete with:

• RP3 probe (A-2197-0049)

• 90° probe holder

• TSi2 interface (A-2176-0010)

• HPRA storage stand (A-2176-0019)

High precision removable arm (HPRA) is a ‘plug-in’, cost effective, precision tool setting system
for use on CNC lathes. When needed, the arm is manually introduced to the machine envelope and held in place through the use of the machine resident HPRA base. The arm is locked in position through
the duration of the tool setting cycle. After use, the arm is removed and stored on the HPRA storage stand.

Unidirectional repeatability

Max 2 sigma value: 5.0 μm (0.0002 in) for arms supporting 6 in to 15 in chucks 8.0 μm (0.0003 in) for arms supporting 18 in to 24 in chucks

Max arm dimensions: A=580 mm B=450 mm

Min arm dimensions: A=250 mm B=211 mm

HPRA is available to fit most common chuck sizes from 6 in to 24 in.