Renishaw A-2181-0653 HPMA 8 inch S/E with RP3 Kit


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Machine Tool Probes | HPMA Standard Kits| HPMA 8 inch S/E with RP3 Kit

This is the HPMA 8 inch S/E with RP3 Kit with A-dimension of 286 and B-dimension of 249

The HPMA (high precision motorized arm) is an ‘automatic’ servo driven system. Both products are designed to permanently reside in the machine envelope. All HPPA and HPMA systems are supplied with an enclosure to protect the probe and stylus assembly when not in use. HPPA and HPMA hubs are available in both R/E (rear exit ) and S/E (side exit) configurations. S/E hubs are supplied with a fixed 5 m cable. R/E hubs are supplied with a bulkhead connector and require the purchase of a separate cable.


Unidirectional repeatability

max 2σ value in machine XZ axis: 5.0 μm (0.0002 in) for arms supporting 6 in to 15 in chucks
8.0 μm (0.0003 in) for arms supporting 18 in to 24 in chucks

HPMA max arm dimensions: A=555 mm B=458 mm

HPMA min arm dimensions: A=250 mm B=219 mm

HPPA and HPMA are available to fit most common chuck sizes from 6 in to 24 in. Each ‘standard’ kit is supplied complete with:

• Arm

• HPPA or HPMA hub

• RP3 probe (A-2197-0049)

• 90° probe holder

• TSi2 interface for HPPA (A-2176-0010)

• TSi3 interface for HPMA (A-2181-0465)

• Probe enclosure (A-2275-0098)

• Cable (supplied with S/E systems only, purchase separately for R/E systems)