Yasnac I80, MX3, J50, J300 using strain gage probes


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Machine Tool Probes| Machine Tool Software | Yasnac I80, MX3, J50, J300 using strain gage probes

Yasnac I80, MX3, J50, J300 is Inspection Plus Software for Machining Centers that uses strain gage probes.
Memory = 47K/117M

Inspection plus software for machining centers is a totally integrated package of software that includes vector and angle measure options, print options (where this control option is available) and an extended range of cycles. Includes an SPC cycle, 1 or 2 touch probing option, tool offset compensation by percentage of error and output data stored in an accessible variable stack. This software uses strain gage probes as well.

Available measurement cycles include:

• X or Y or Z single surface measure

• Internation/external corner

• XYZ vector measure

• 4th or 5th axis measure

• Any angle web/pocket

• Feature to feature measure

• 3 or 4 point bore/boss

• Print data via RS232

Renishaw probing and tool setting software is a set of macros that control probing motion and data manipulation for a number of routines with input of a few parameters. Some capabilities may vary by specific software package and individual controller. All software is supplied on CD-ROM with electronic user’s guide.