Renishaw A-2176-1152 TSi2-C


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A-2176-1152 | Machine Tool Probes| Lathe tool setting arm interfaces | TSi2-C | Renishaw

The TSi2-C #A-2176-1152 is to be used with HPRA and HPPA as the TSI 2 but with Solid state relay (SSR) output for easier user configuration.

There are two primary configurations of interfaces supporting lathe arms. The TSi2 and TSi3 deliver OCT (active high) output for probe status and arm positions, while the TSi2‑C and TSi3‑C interfaces deliver SSR solid state relay outputs for probe status and arm positions. The TSi2 and TSi2-C support the HPRA and HPPA lathe arms. The TSi3 and TSi-3C support the HPMA lathe arm.