(TRS2-KIT) TRS2 Hardware Kit


Machine Tool Probes| TRS2 hardware kit

The TRS2 hardware kit includes:

TRS2 laser system with integral interface

Tool kit

Air regulator kit

Sealtite kit

Mounting bracket

Renishaw TRS2 BTD software

TRS2 is a cost-effective laser-based solution for high-speed broken tool detection. Working with the reflective properties of a rotating tool, TRS2 can detect broken tools at a distance
of between 300 mm and 2 m, but optimized for use between 300 mm and 1 m. Toolwise™ Electronics makes TRS2 especially effective with tiny, easily broken tools down to 0.019 in (0.5 mm) diameter. TRS2 is suitable for solid profile tools including drills, taps, reamers and end mills.

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