Renishaw A-1207-0001, TP200 probe with SF module


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A-1207-0001 | TP200 probe (SF) | TP200 | Renishaw

This is the TP200 Probe with standard force (SF) module #A-1207-0001. It incorporates micro strain gauge transducers delivering excellent repeatability and accurate 3D form measurement even with long styli. The sensor technology gives sub-micron triggering performance and eliminates the lobing characteristics encountered with standard probes. The solid state ASIC electronics within the probe ensure reliable operation over millions of trigger points.

The TP200 / TP200B are electronic probes using strain gauge technology, which gives higher accuracy than kinematic touch-trigger probes. They combine outstanding metrology performance with superior functionality to produce a highly versatile DCC CMM probing system, with excellent productivity.

A compact, module-changing probe that uses strain-gauge mechanisms for higher accuracy and longer life than kinematic touch-trigger probes.

TP200 with SCR20 and PI 200-3The TP200 system components are:

  • TP200 or TP200B probe body (the TP200B is a variant with increased vibration tolerance)
  • TP200 stylus module – choice of fixed overtravel forces: SF (standard force) or LF (low force)
  • PI 200-3 probe interface
  • SCR200 stylus change rack

There is also an EO module (extended over travel) which has the same overtravel force as the SF but provides increased operating range and protection in the probe Z-axis.