Renishaw A-1371-0290 TP20 probe kit 1 (includes 2 x sf modules)


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A-1371-0290 | TP20 probe kit 1 (includes 2 x standard force modules) | TP20 probe kit 1 | TP20 | Renishaw

This is the TP20 probe kit 1 #A-1371-0290. It includes two standard force (SF) modules.

The standard Renishaw TP20 touch-trigger probe kit comprises the following primary components:

  • One TP20 probe body
  • One or two TP20 probe modules (see TP20 probe kits for available combinations)
  • Probe and stylus tools

The TP20 is a compact 5-way kinematic touch-trigger probe system. The two-piece design, comprising probe body and detachable stylus module(s), connected using a highly repeatable magnetic kinematic coupling.  This provides the facility to change stylus configurations either manually or automatically without the need for requalification of the stylus tips, thereby giving significant time savings in inspection routine.

The TP20 stylus module houses the touch-trigger probe mechanism, carries the stylus assembly and provides overtravel in ±X, ±Y and +Z axes (or ±Z in the case of TP20 6-way module). The stylus mounting thread accepts styli from the Renishaw M2 range.




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