Renishaw A-5003-7673 Faro 1¼–20 UN, 3mm zirconia ball


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A-5003-7673 | Faro 1¼–20 UN, 3mm zirconia ball | Renishaw

This is a styli for FARO® arms #A-5003-7673. These styli have been designed especially for use on FARO®portable arm CMMs. Their robust design and construction utilize Grade 5 Zirconia balls that have a high fracture toughness. The balls are bonded to the high strength tungsten carbide stem with impact resistant adhesive, and specialist construction techniques have been incorporated to ensure that the joint between the body and stem is extremely rigid and virtually indestructible.

Thread mount (E) 1¼–20 UN
Overall length (B) 57.00 mm
EWL (D) 5.40 mm
Stem diameter (C) 2.50 mm
Ball diameter (A) 3.00 mm
Ball Material Zirconia
Stem material Tungsten carbide
Holder material Stainless steel


Weight 0.12566348944538 oz