Renishaw A-1085-0002 SCR200 Stylus Changing Rack Only


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A-1085-0370 | SCR200 Stylus Changing rack only | SCR200 | Renishaw

SCR200 Stylus Changing rack only #A-1085-0370.

The SCR200 stylus changing rack provides rapid, automatic changing of styli without the need to requalify probe tips. Installation and set-up of the system are achieved with minimal operator skill, as no special CMM cabling, software or communications are required. The SCR200 is powered and serviced entirely by the PI200-3 interface and is fully crashed protected.

The SCR200 holds and protects up to six stylus modules for automatic changing. The modules are magnetically held in the docking ports, which allows the rack to be mounted in any orientation and eliminates the need for high accuracy positioning. No special commands are necessary, as stylus changing requires only simple position moves to be programmed.

The SCR200 incorporates a system of infrared light beams and a Hall effect sensor to detect the presence of the probe and to signal to the PI 200-3 interface that stylus changing is in progress. A self-test mode checks operation of the light beams during power-up.

The rack is provided with an overtravel mechanism to reduce the possibility of damage should a collision occur. When the mechanism is deflected, signals are transmitted to the CMM controller to stop CMM motion. The overtravel mechanism is self-resetting. After a collision, the rack should return to its normal operating position and should not require re-datuming.