RTP20 Non-Rack Kit


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A-5400-8### | RTP20 | RTP20 Non-Rack Kit | Renishaw

This is the RTP20 Rack Kit #A-5400-8###.

  • 2-axis head with 168 repeatable positions in 15 degree increments
  • Indexing can be manual or automatic using the CMM motion
  • TP20 module compatibility provides a wide range of force and length options to optimise machine performance and access capability
  • Repeatable TP20 stylus module changing in each pre-qualified position without the need for re-qualification significantly enhances productivity
  • Compatible with full range of TP20 stylus modules
  • Modules can be changed manually or automatically with the MCR20 module change rack
  • A built-in extension, together with existing extension bars, allow reach up to 168 mm (including maximum stylus length)

Renishaw’s new RTP20 compact head for DCC coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) offers low-cost ‘motorized’ head functionality and integral TP20 touch-trigger probe.

The new RTP probe head allows the integral probe to be moved to 168 repeatable positions in 15° increments using both A and B axes, allowing a one-time qualification for a stylus tip position. This eliminates the need for costly time-consuming requalification routines, ensuring fast throughput for part inspection. Users can therefore easily access features to be measured and optimize system performance by ensuring the probe is applied to the surface at the best angle to achieve accurate measurements.

(There is an additional charge for a 6-way module: 78.00/module)

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