Renishaw A-2116-0149 RP2-Probe for Tool Setting Arm (TSA) Only


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RP2 tool setting probe| Machine Tool Probes | RP2-probe for tool setting arm (TSA) only

RP2-Probe for Tool Setting Arm (TSA) Only.
Features and benefits:

•1 µm repeatability

•Large over-travel (12.5°) increases the ability of the probe to survive crashes

•Compatible with the full range of Renishaw M4 styli

•Standard fit to TSA tool setting arm

•OEM kit available for OEM installations

The RP2 probe has been developed specifically for lathe tool setting applications. It is suitable for OEM installation into purpose built holders, or for use with Renishaw’s automatic and manual tool setting arms. The RP2 is provided with a micro plug and socket for simple installation in a Renishaw TSA tool setting arm. Please note the RP2 probe has been superseded by the RP3 on Renishaw’s new family of HP tool setting arms.