(RI-5742-1003) RMP60M upgrade kit


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RI-5742-1003 | Machine Tool Probes| RMP60M upgrade kit| RMP60M | Renishaw

This is the RMP60M upgrade kit # RI-5742-1003. Current users of MP14, MP16 or MP18 radio probes may upgrade to RMP60M. A complete working system (probe, MI14 or MI16 interface and RMM antennas) must be exchanged.

The RMP60M upgrade kit includes:

  • RMP60M module
  • RMP60M probe module
  • RMI radio machine interface
  • Receiver mounting bracket
  • Sealtite kit

The RMP60M enables probe inspection of part features that would be inaccessible to the standard RMP60. It allows fitment of adaptors, extensions and Renishaw’s LP2 touch probe. The RMP60M is a modular version of the RMP60. The RMP60M, probe module, adaptors and extensions need to be purchased separately. RMP60 complies with FCC regulations and
operates in the 2.4 GHz range.

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