(RMP600-NS-KIT) RMP600 hardware only kit


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RMP600-NS-KIT | Machine Tool Probes| RMP600 hardware only kit | RMP600 | Renishaw

This is the RMP600 hardware only kit #RMP600-NS-KIT.

It includes:

  • RMP600 probe
  • RMI radio machine interface
  • Receiver mounting bracket
  • 50 mm and 100 mm carbon fiber styli
  • Sealtite kit

RMP600 is the latest generation compact radio transmission probe using strain gage technology. Measuring only 63 mm in diameter and 76 mm in length, with an omni-directional transmission distance of 15 m, it is ideal for use on all machine tools. RMP600 features an integrated probe module delivering exceptional robustness and generous overtravel. It delivers interference-free transmission through the use of FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum). RMP600 complies with FCC regulations and operates in the 2.4 GHz range.

RMP600 supports three methods of probe activation:

  • Radio-on: The probe is turned on via an RF signal produced by the RMI and initiated by an M code. The probe is turned off via an RF signal or the internal timer.
  • Spin-on: The probe is turned on via an internal centrifugal switch. The probe is turned off via the centrifugal switch or the internal timer.
  • Switch-on: The probe is turned on and off via a switch incorporated into the shank, activated when the probe is loaded into the spindle.
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