(A-4113-0050) RMI-Q radio machine interface


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A-4113-0050 | Machine Tool Probes | RMI-Q | RMI-Q radio machine interface

This is the RMI-Q radio machine interface #A-4113-0050. RMI-Q is identical to RMI and is the exclusive interface supporting multiple (up to four) probe systems. RMI-Q is capable of communicating with multiple radio probes. CNC must have supporting M codes. This interface should be used when combining an RTS with an RMP40, RMP60 or RMP600.

CNC machine tools which are using Renishaw spindle probes with radio signal transmission for workpiece inspection, or tool setters with radio signal transmission, require a Renishaw radio machine interface (such as the RMI-Q) for signal transmission. The RMI-Q, which acts as a combined radio transceiver and machine interface, converts signals from the RMP into voltage-free solid state relay (SSR) and driven outputs for transmission to the CNC machine controller.