(A-5764-0080) REVO® SFH-1 Module Holder


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A-5764-0080 | REVO® SFH-1 Module Holder | Renishaw

This is the REVO® SFH-1 Module Holder #A-5764-0080.

The SFH holder fits onto the SFP2 probe via a kinematic magnetic joint.  It carries the required surface finish module using a manually adjustable knuckle joint. The holder can be stored in the MRS or MRS2 rack either fitted to an SFP2 probe (in an RCP TC-3 port) or separately in an RCP2 port. In both cases they will have a surface finish module attached whilst in the rack.

There are two holders available; SFH-1 and SFH-2.  The SFH-2 is 50 mm longer than SFH-1 and may need to be used for accessing certain features.

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