(A-5518-1095) REVO-2 Head Kit


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A-5518-1095 | REVO-2 head kit | REVO-2 | Renishaw

This is the REVO-2 head kit #A-5518-1095. It is a highly accurate dynamic measuring head and probe system which maximizes measurement throughput.

It includes:

  • REVO-2 head
  • RSP2 probe
  • RSH250 stylus holder
  • 45 mm datum ball

High-speed measurement…

  • Up to 500 mm/sec resulting in increased part throughput
  • Data collection rates up to 4,000 points per second
  • Infinite positioning and five-axis motion reduces non-productive transitions between features
  • Rapid calibration with all positions inferred means more time measuring

…with high system accuracy

  • 5-axis scanning minimises CMM motion and the associated dynamic errors
  • Stylus wear minimised by extremely low scanning forces
  • Infinite positioning and five-axis motion aid access to difficult features
  • Flexible tip sensing further adds to the systems’ accuracy and flexibility

…and great flexibility

  • Maximum reach up to 800 mm from centre of head rotation
  • Multi-sensor probe and stylus changing capability
  • Renishaw UCCserver software application (based on I++ DME command protocol) provides the interface for REVO-2 control
  • The removable probe system, used in conjunction with a low cost changer, provides added system flexibility
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