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Productivity+™ GibbsCAM® plug-in


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Machine Tool Probes| Off-line programming| Productivity+™ GibbsCAM® plug-in

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This is the Productivity+™ GibbsCAM® plug-in

Off-line programming

Productivity+™ is a new software module designed to simplify the process of integrating probing cycles into the CNC machining program.

The Productivity+™ GibbsCAM® plug-in runs in the GibbsCAM® environment and requires GibbsCAM version 7 or above.


• Imports the native CAD model

• Creates and edits probing programs

• Allows simulation of inspection routines in a virtual environment

• Requires no detailed knowledge of macro codes

• Is compatible with many popular controls

Productivity+™ comes with three CAD importers as standard: IGES, STEP and Parasolid®. Other CAD importers are available.

Productivity+™ is supplied with one post processor.

The Productivity+™ GibbsCAM® plug-in requires the GibbsCAM® machine post processor to be upgraded to allow compatibility.