Renishaw A-1047-3486 PEL3 200mm Lightweight Extension Bar


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A-1047-3486 | PEL3 extension bar | PEL3 | Machine Probes: Extensions | Renishaw

This is the PEL3 extension bar #A-1047-3486. This extension bar is made from aluminum and has a diameter of 18mm-13mm

PEL M8 to M8 extension bars, provide extended reach to standard two-wire touch-trigger probes when used with M8 heads, for example TP20 to PH10T or MH8. PEL extension bars are manufactured from aluminum and available in four lengths.

The PEL3 is suited to the majority of applications that require an additional 200 mm of reach.

Compatible heads:

  • PH10T PLUS
  • PH6
  • PH1
  • PHS1

Compatible probes:

  • TP20
  • TP200
  • TP6
  • TP2