(OMP40-NS-KIT) OMP40-2 hardware only kit


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OMP40-NS-KIT | Machine Tool Probes| OMP40-2 hardware only kit| OMP40-2 | Renishaw

The OMP40-2 hardware only kit includes:

  • OMP40-2 probe
  • OMM-2
  • Receiver mounting bracket
  • OSI interface
  • 50 mm and 100 mm ceramic styli
  • Sealtite kit

The OMP40-2 is an ultra-compact 3D touch-trigger probe with optical signal transmission. It is used for workpiece set-up inspection on small to medium machining centres, and on the growing number of high-speed machines fitted with small HSK and spindle tapers.

Its compatibility with all Renishaw optical receivers enables users to upgrade existing installations easily.

  • Proven kinematic design.
  • Exceptional resistance to light interference with modulated transmission.
  • 360° transmission envelope.
  • Ultra-compact design.
  • 1 μm 2σ repeatability.
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