OMI-2T Optical Receiver/Interface (15 m cable)

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Machine Tool Probes| OMI-2T| OMI-2T Optical Receiver/Interface

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OMI-2T is identical to the OMI-2 and is the exclusive interface supporting the twin probe system. OMI-2T is capable of communicating with multiple optical probes. CNC must have supporting M codes. This interface should be used when combining an OTS with an OMP60, OMP40 or OMP400.

The OMI-2T optical interface utilizes a revised state-of-the-art modulated optical transmission method, therefore offering the highest level of resistance to light interference.

OMI-2T has been specifically designed for use in twin probing applications, therefore it communicates with both a spindle probe and an OTS table probe, or two spindle probes, and gives visual indication of the activated device.

To maximize compatibility with machine tool controllers the OMI-2T has user configurable outputs.

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