(A-5191-0049) OMI-2 Optical Receiver/Interface (8 m cable)


A-5191-0049 | Machine Tool Probes| OMI-2| OMI-2 Optical Receiver/Interface

This is the OMI-2 Optical Receiver/Interface. It comes with an 8 m (26 ft) cable, magnetic label, tool kit and User’s guide.

OMI-2 offers increased resistance to light interference and is exclusively compatible with Renishaw optical transmission systems operating in Modulated transmission mode (OMP60, OMP40, OMP400 or OLP40).

The OMI-2 optical machine interface is designed to reside in the machine’s working envelope. Its purpose is to send and receive probe signals. The OMI-2, like the OMI, has the added benefit of supplying totem pole (transistor) output, thus eliminating the need for a separate MI 12 interface. OMI-2 differs from the OMI in that it offers the new modulated transmission method, providing increased resistance to optical interference.

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