Renishaw A-4114-8000 NC4 set-up tool


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A-4114-8000 | Machine Tool Probes| NC4 set-up tool | Renishaw

This is the NC4 set-up tool #A-4114-8000. It is a battery-operated device that is used to provide a visual indication of the signal strength at the NC4 receiver unit. The signal strength is shown on a numerical display. The higher the number, the greater the signal received at the receiver unit. The set-up tool is placed over either the transmitter or receiver unit and is rotated so that the display can be easily viewed. Placing the tool over an NC4 unit activates the numerical display. Removing the tool causes the display to power off.

NOTE: The numerical display provides only an indication of the signal strength. If a true reading of signal strength is required, a voltmeter must be connected to the appropriate connector pins on the interface unit. The set-up tool can be used on fixed and separate NC4 systems.