Renishaw A-4192-0053 MRS Leg (125 mm)


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A-4192-0053 | CMM | Autochange systems | MRS | MRS leg (125 mm) | Renishaw

This is the MRS leg #A-4192-0053 (125 mm). It comes in a kit of one.

MRS Legs required:

To determine the number of MRS legs required for your system, identify the longest extension bar / probe / stylus combination you wish to use and then apply the formula below.

    1. Extension bar + probe + stylus + 15 mm* = total length of combination *15 mm = rack clearance.
    2. Total length of combination / 125 mm** = number of legs per side **125 mm = height of leg.
    3. Number of legs per side x 2 = number of legs per system
  • Remember: All MRS kits include 2 x MRS feet, 4 x 125 mm legs and 2 x step back adapters as standard. Therefore, you only need to order additional components should your system require it. Total number of 125 mm legs required per side.