Renishaw A-4192-0702 MRS Adjustable Foot Plate


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A-4192-0702 | CMM | Autochange systems | MRS | MRS adjustable foot plate | Renishaw

This is the MRS adjustable foot plate #A-4192-0702.

By using the optional MRS adjustable footplates, the MRS rail can also be placed at different positions on the CMM’s table thereby ensuring that a maximized working volume can be achieved. The MRS adjustable footplates can be used with the MRS standard leg and the MRS heavy duty leg arrangements. The range of adjustment is via four boltholes in steps: 25 mm / 50 mm / 75 mm / 100 mm (0.98 in / 1.97 in / 2.95 in / 3.94 in).

NOTE: The MRS adjustable footplate kit comprises two footplates. One kit is required for each MRS installation