(A-1071-0001) Manual Autojoint Probe Stand (MAPS)


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A-1071-0001 | Manual Autojoint Probe Stand | MAPS | CMM | Renishaw

This is the Manual autojoint probe stand (MAPS) #A-1071-0001. It is a low-cost storage rack capable of holding up to six combinations of probes, extension bars, and accessories. The stand can be mounted directly on the table of a CMM using the appropriate socket head bolt (maximum size M10, 3/8 in) which is passed through the center of the base.

Standard autochange rack legs (100 mm and 200 mm long) are compatible with this stand and can be stacked to accommodate longer probe extensions with longer stylus extensions. As an alternative to the support pillar, a wall mounting bracket is available to enable the stand to be mounted to a cabinet, wall or any other vertical surfaces.

Height: 285 mm

Depth: 80 mm

Width: 235 mm