(R-PC-13450450-15-8) M8 Base Plate 450mm/450mm


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R-PC-13450450-15-8 | M8 Base Plate 450mm/450mm | Renishaw

This is the Renishaw M8 Base Plate 450mm/450mm #R-PC-13450450-15-8.

Renishaw CMM fixtures are available with a wide selection of fixture base plate sizes designed to allow fixturing of all workpieces, from very small delicate parts, up to large, heavy industrial components.

Renishaw CMM fixture base plates are precision ground within tight tolerances that are key to the quality of the modular Renishaw fixtures system. Base plates are available in standard and custom sizes with a choice of threaded holes: M4, M6 or M8.

Secure the plate to your machine with Renishaw’s plate clamps. A pair of clamps is included with all plates up to 600 mm × 600 mm.

Specifications for this base plate includes:

  • M8 Thread
  • Height of 13mm
  • Width of 450mm
  • Depth of 450mm
  • Spacing of 15mm OC