(R-QLPC-13450450-12-6) M6 QuickLoad™ plate, 12.7 mm × 450 mm × 450 mm


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This CMM precision ground, aluminium QuickLoad™ base plates have multiple M6 threaded holes spaced at 12.7 mm intervals to increase the flexibility of your fixture.

The Renishaw QuickLoad plates have been specifically designed for use with the Renishaw QuickLoad™ rail. Each QuickLoad plate has built-in magnets and v-notches so the plates can snap into a precise, repeatable position on the rail and can be loaded/unloaded quickly and easily. The plates have a Nituff® hard anodise coating to resist wear and scratching.

The QuickLoad system is fast, easy and repeatable, allowing the user to set up parts for inspection on multiple plates, and load them to the rail efficiently to maximise throughput.

Note: This QuickLoad plate is compatible with the metric QuickLoad rail part no. R-QLR-1350600

Technical table

Application CMM
Thread M6
Base plate material Aluminium
No. of threaded holes 1089

Technical documentation

R-QLPC-13450450-12-6 - M6 QuickLoad™ plate, 12.7 mm × 450 mm × 450 mm [5]