( A-5555-3815) M5 4mm SN ball, thermostable CF stem, L 33.5mm, ML 23.5mm, for Zeiss applications


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A-5555-3815 | M5 4mm SN ball | M5 | Renishaw

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This is the M5 thermal stable stylus #A-5555-3815. This is a thermo stable carbon fiber styli. It has a titanium base and a silicon nitride ball.

Styli M5
Ball Diameter (DK) 4.0 mm
Overall length (L) 33.5 mm
Stylus Base Width (DG) 11 mm
EWL (ML) 23.5 mm
Stem diameter (DS) 2.0 mm
Stem material Thermostable Carbon Fiber
Mass 4.2 g


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