Renishaw A-5555-0104 M5 SS 90° stylus holder, L 45 mm, for Zeiss applications


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A-5555-0104 | M5 stainless steel 90° stylus holder | M5 | Renishaw

This is the Stainless steel 90 degree holder #A-5555-0104. With this holder simple L-shaped styli can be built. Styli without thread can be clamped into this L-holder, thus a basic hook-shaped stylus can be assembled. For adjustment, a rotary joint is required.

Holder Length (L) 45.0 mm
Holder Styli Diameter (DS1) 1-1.5 mm
Holder Diameter (D) 6.0 mm
Base Diameter (DG) 11.0 mm
Mass 16.0 g



Weight 0.03527396194958 oz