(A-5003-5748) M5 6mm Zirconia ball, CF stem, L 50mm, EWL 39.5mm


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-5003-5748 | M5 Ruby Ball Styli (≥ 5mm Ball Diameter) | M5 | Renishaw

This is the M5 Ruby stylus #A-5003-5748.

The carbon fiber stem on this stylus is very lightweight so is ideal for use where weight is an issue. Zirconia tips are more suitable for abrasive surfaces such as cast iron parts.

Thread mount (DG) M5
Ball Diameter (DK) 6.0 mm
Length (L) 50.0 mm
Stem Diameter (DS) 4.0 mm
EWL (ML) 39.5 mm
Tip material Zirconia
Stem material Carbon Fiber
Mass 6.10 g

Weight 0.013448197993278 oz