Renishaw A-5003-5288 M5 12mm Silver Steel disc, 3mm width, with roller


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A-5003-5288 | M5 12mm silver steel disc | M5 | Renishaw

This is the disk styli #A-5003-5288.  Disc styli are designed to inspect undercuts and grooves within bores which may be inaccessible to star styli. A range of disc styli offers a ‘radius end roller’ to enable groove width measurement. Silver steel tips are heat treated and precision ground to a high tolerance.

Thread mount (DG) M5
Disk Depth (B) 3.0 mm
Roller Depth (L) 5.0 mm
Stem diameter (DS) N/A
Disk diameter (DK) 12.0 mm
Disk material Silver Steel
Stem material Stainless Steel
Mass 2.52 g

Weight 0.0055556490070589 oz