Renishaw A-5004-2970 M3 5mm Zirconia ball, Ceramic stem, L 50mm, EWL 50mm


A-5004-2970 | M3 Ruby Ball Stylus | M3 | Renishaw

This is an M3 ruby ball stylus with ceramic stems. It is stylus A-5004-2970.

This straight stylus can be used for simple features with which direct contact can be made. The ceramic stem is lightweight yet very hardwearing. Zirconia tips are more suitable for abrasive surfaces such as cast iron parts.

Thread mount (DG) M3
Overall length (L) 50.0 mm
EWL (ML) 50.0 mm
Stem diameter (DS) 2.5 mm
Ball diameter (DK) 5.0 mm
Ball material Zirconia
Stem material Ceramic
Mass 1.33 g

Weight 0.0029321480870589 oz