Renishaw A-5004-2975 M3 12mm Zirconia ball, CF stem, L 100mm, EWL 100mm


A-5004-2975 | M3 Ruby Ball Stylus | M3 | Renishaw

This is the M3 ruby ball stylus #A-5004-2975 with carbon fiber stems.

This straight stylus can be used for simple features with which direct contact can be made. The carbon fiber stem on this stylus is very lightweight so is ideal for use where weight is an issue. Zirconia tips are more suitable for abrasive surfaces such as cast iron parts.

Thread mount (DG) M3
Overall length (L) 100.0 mm
EWL (ML) 100.0 mm
Stem diameter (DS) 4.0 mm
Ball diameter (DK) 12.0 mm
Ball material Zirconia
Stem material Carbon Fiber
Mass 5.9 g

Weight 0.013007273468908 oz