Renishaw A-5004-7610 M2 SS extension, L 5mm


A-5004-7610 | M2 Stylus Extension | M2 | Renishaw

This is the M2 stylus extension #A-5004-7610.

It is also the SE7-5 mm machine checking gage accessory and can be used with either the MCG1 or the MCG2.

Extensions are designed to be used when measuring very deep features and bores or when probing points with limited access. Stainless steel extensions offer excellent rigidity and are ideal for applications where weight is not critical.

Previous part number: M-5000-7634

Thread mount M2
Length (LE) 5.0 mm
Stem Diameter (DGE) 3.0 mm
Stem material Stainless Steel
Mass 0.2 g

Weight 0.0022046226218488 oz