Renishaw A-5003-0066 M2 5mm Ruby ball, Ceramic stem, L 50mm, EWL 50mm


A-5003-0066 | A50030066 | M2 Ruby Ball Styli | Ceramic Stems | Renishaw

This is the M2 ruby stylus #A-5003-0066. It features a ceramic stem.

For ball diameters greater than 3 mm, and lengths over 30 mm, ceramic stems offer stiffness comparable to steel but are significantly lighter than tungsten carbide. Ceramic stemmed styli can also offer additional crash protection to your probe as the stem will shatter in a collision.

Thread mount (DG) M2
Ball Diameter (DK) 5.0 mm
Length (L) 50.0 mm
Stem Diameter (DS) 2.5 mm
EWL (ML) 50.0 mm
Ball material Ruby
Stem material Ceramic
Mass 1.31g

Weight 0.0028880556346219 oz