Renishaw A-5003-2287 M2 6mm Ruby ball, CF stem, L 50mm, EWL 50mm


A-5003-2287 | M2 Ruby Ball Styli | M2 | Carbon Fiber Stems | Renishaw

This is the M2 ruby stylus #A-5003-2287. It features the carbon fiber stem.

Carbon fiber styli weigh around 20% less than tungsten carbide styli, making it a suitable material for long styli. Its thermal stability is also advantageous, particularly with very long styli, which makes it suitable for use in a production environment.

Thread mount (DG) M2
Ball Diameter (DK) 6.0 mm
Length (L) 50.0 mm
Stem Diameter (DS) 3.0 mm
EWL (ML) 50.0 mm
Ball material Ruby
Stem material Carbon Fiber
Mass 1.20g

Weight 0.0026455471462185 oz