Renishaw A-5000-7813 M2 TC pointer with 30° angle, L 10mm


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A-5000-7813 | M2 pointed styli 30° angle | M2 | Renishaw

This is an M2 Pointed Stylus. It is a special purpose stylus #A-5000-7813.

Pointer styli are designed to inspect threaded forms, specific points and scribed lines. Tungsten carbide tips are ideal for applications demanding a hardwearing interface with an inspected item.

Previous part number: M-5000-4150. 

Thread mount (A) M2
Length (L) 10.0 mm
Angles (B) 30° Inclusive
End Feature Spherical Radius 0.1 mm
Mass 0.7 g

Weight 0.0015432358352941 oz