Renishaw A-5004-1396 M2 14mm Silver Steel disc, 1.6mm width, with roller


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A-5004-1396 | M2 Disk Styli | M2 | Renishaw

This is the disk styli #A-5004-1396.

These styli are ‘sections’ of highly spherical balls and are available in various diameters and thicknesses. Mounted on a threaded spigot, the discs are made from steel, ceramic or ruby. Full rotational adjustment and the ability to add a center stylus are features of the range. This makes them particularly flexible and easy to use. This can be used to probe undercuts and grooves within bores, which may be inaccessible to star styli.

Thread mount (DG) M2
Disk Depth (B) 1.6 mm
Roller Depth (L) 2.5 mm
Stem diameter (DS) 4.2 mm
Disk diameter (DK) 14.0 mm
Disk material Silver Steel
Stem material Stainless Steel
Mass 2.5 g

Weight 0.0044092452436976 oz