M2 1.5mm silver steel cylinder, L 10.75mm

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A-5004-7589 | M2 cylinder stylus | M2 | Renishaw

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This is the M2 Cylinder Stylus #A-5004-7589.

Used for measuring sheet metal, pressed components and thin work pieces with which proper contact cannot be guaranteed with ball styli. In addition, various threaded features can be probed and the centers of tapped holes located. Ball-ended cylinder styli allow full datuming and probing in X,Y and Z directions, thus allowing surface inspection to be performed.

Cylinder styli can be used in situations where correct contact with a ball stylus cannot be guaranteed, such as applications with sheet metal, pressed components or thin work pieces. Silver steel tips are heat treated and precision ground to a high tolerance.

Previous part number: M-5000-4152

Thread mount (DG) M2
Cylinder Diameter (DK) 1.5 mm
Overall Length (L) 10.75 mm
Stem diameter (DS) 1.0 mm
EWL (ML) 1.25 mm
Stem material Silver Steel
Mass 0.3 g

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