(A-8003-0440) Linear Kit (Standard 40 m)


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Portable Laser Measurement and Calibration| Optics| Linear Kit

Linear kit is by far the most common form of measurement performed on a machine.

Each linear kit contains:

1 linear beam splitter

2 linear reflectors

2 alignment targets


Standard range: 0 m – 40 m (0 in – 1600 in)

System accuracy (when used with XL-80 system) ±0.5 ppm (parts per million)

(when used with ML10 Gold Standard) ±0.7 ppm

(when used with ML10, pre-Gold Standard) ±1.1 ppm

Resolution 0.001 µm (0.1 µin)

Maximum velocity 4 m/s (9600 in/min)

Velocity measurement accuracy ±0.005%

For linear measurements over 40 m you will require the long range linear accessory kit