(PCR-13300300-12-6) EQUATOR™ Machine Fixturing plate (M6)


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PCR-13300300-12-6 | EQUATOR™ Replacement Part| EQUATOR™ Machine Fixturing plate (M6)

This is the EQUATOR™ machine Fixturing plate (M6) replacement part #PCR-13300300-12-6 with dimensions: 12.7 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm. It is a fixture plate with kinematic location and M6 threaded fixing holes.

This M6 Equator precision ground aluminium base plate can be loaded on and off the Equator gauging system within seconds thanks to its integral kinematic mounting pins.

Using multiple plates per Equator system allows pre-loading of parts for shorter set-up times. This is particularly useful if quick-release fixtures are not used. In environments where widely varying temperature conditions necessitate frequent re-mastering, the master part can be permanently fixtured on one plate.