Renishaw A-1034-0031 ؾ Datum Sphere Kit


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A-1034-0031 | ؾ mm datum ball kit | Datum Sphere | CMM | Renishaw

This is the ؾ mm datum ball #A-1034-0031.

The Renishaw universal datum sphere enhances the performance of manual and fully automated CMMs. It allows for quick and easy adjustment to set ball stem over a wide range of probe datuming angles. This enables datuming above, centrally and below the ball. Each datum sphere is supplied with its own certificate, giving ball diameter and roundness. All sphere measurements are performed on equipment traceable to UK (NPL) standards. Please note that datum ball fixing studs are not included in the kit.

This kit (A-1034-0031) includes:

  • ؾ mm datum ball
  • Pivot Pillar
  • Base
  • C Spanner
  • Ball Certificate
  • Storage Box
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