(A-4068-0400) CC6 Counter Card


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A-4068-0400 | CC6 Counter Card | CC6 | Renishaw

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This is the CC6 Counter Card #A-4068-0400.

The Renishaw CC6 counter card is a 5 V 32 bit PCI card. The card can be used to integrate the Renishaw SP80(H) probe when used in conjunction with the Renishaw IU80 interpolator unit.

The CC6 monitors the output of the probe via the IU80 and supplies the host PC with this information on request, via the PCI bus. The CC6 is small enough to fit neatly into a 5 V switching standard PCI slot inside the host PC without precluding the insertion of any other cards or impairing any required access to other components.